Sound Wave Project

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For this project we were tasked with created some sort of presentation or media that could explain and demonstrate comprehension of these terms. Our group decided to create an informational video that used humor and unexpected form to keep our audiences attention over what otherwise could be a tedious amount of terms.


  • Wed 21st – Carson develops rough timeline, Aaron starts script, Ellis researches terms
  • Thurs 22nd – Carson and Aaron work on script for video, Ellis incorporates the terms he researched on Wednesday
  • Fri 23rd – Finalize script after Ellis shares his research with team
  • Mon 26th – Film video, Aaron films, Carson and Ellis act
  • Tues 27th – Film video, Aaron films, Carson and Ellis act
  • Wed 28th – Aaron and Ellis edit video, Carson starts blog post
  • Thurs 29th – Finalize edits and finish blog post
  • Friday 30th – Present the video


  • Amplitude – The intensity of the sound
  • Bass – Low end of human hearing
  • Compression – Particles are compressed together to change sound quality
  • Decibel – Measurement of Amplitude
  • Equalization – Process of adjusting balance of frequency components with an electric signal
  • Frequency – Amount of times a sound vibrates
  • Fundamental – Lowest sound a source can produce
  • Harmonic – Tonal ratio of 2:1
  • Hertz – Measurement of Frequency
  • Infrasonic – Range below human hearing
  • Midrange – Sweet spot of hearing
  • Octave – A series of 8 notes occupying the interval between two notes, one having twice or half the frequency vibration of one another
  • Phase – Below range of human hearing
  • Pitch – Subjective view of tonality
  • Sound Frequency Spectrum –
  • Sound Wave – Like a wave of vibrations
  • Treble – High end of hearing
  • Ultrasonic – Above range of human hearing
  • Velocity – Speed in a given direction
  • Wavelength – Distance between two waves

Sound Wave Definitions Evidence

What I Learned

Throughout this project, my group and I gained a far better understanding of the sound wave terms presented to us after being pushed to come up with creative ways to explain them and break them down into simple terms. Aside from the terms themselves, our group learned a lot about time management when we found ourselves making up lost time as the due date neared closer. Luckily since our team all worked well together we were able to buckle down and really put our heads together to make a video we all were happy with.

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